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Through manufacturing (Monodzukuri), I want to help people grow.

The fortune the predecessor president has bequeathed to us is "people".

We design and manufacture plant equipments such as stainless-steel tanks.

The craftsmen engaged in the manufacture are equipped with amazing technological skills which support not only our company but also Monodzukuri industries of Japan.

I want to turn a spotlight on them so that the invaluableness of Monodzukuri is widely known by many people.

I also want to develop, through Monodzukuri backed by the advanced technological capabilities, human resources who will play important roles in the future of Japan and the world.

These are my wishes.

SUNTECH will continue challenging to grow further without fear for such changes as globalization and diversification.

品質方針Quality policy

  • 家族から求められる安全で最幸な企業運営を行ってまいります。We will conduct our business in the safest and best environment for our families
  • 地域社会から求められる健全で誠実な企業活動を行ってまいります。We will carry out our business activities with honesty and security for our communities.
  • 顧客から求められる最高の製品・サービス提供を行ってまいります。We will provide the best quality of goods and services for our customers.
  • QMSを情熱、慈愛、英知をもって遵守し、またより良きものへと皆で改善し続けてまいります。We will follow our quality policy with passion, compassion, int elligence,and will continue to improve.

改定日 2017年5月16日

株式会社 サンテック
代表取締役社⻑ ⻘木大海

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